Clément Borderie creates installations that are akin to the art of sculpture and painting. He wishes to capture the essence of a place, create its spatio-temporal identity card, reveal what is imperceptible through highlighting the minute details which ordinarily escape us. In nature, he installs metal structures of various shapes and sizes, on which he stretches canvases. In this type of setup, he lets the canvases react with the elements, resulting in unique patterns and ba’k the passage of time and the transition of seasons. Henceforth, these blank canvases become a space for experimental creation.

Clément Borderie (b.1960, Senlis, France) graduated from the ‘Manufactures Nationales des Gobelins’ at Paris in 1983. He now resides and works in Paris.
His work has been featured at the 1950 Gallery / Alberto Aquilino in New York; the Kiscelli Museum in Budapest; the Valérie Bach Gallery in Brussels; The Enea Tree Museum in Zurich; the ‘Centre d’Art La Base’ in Levallois-Perret, France; the ‘Château du Rivau’ in Touraine and the ‘Maison des Arts’ in Bagneux’.





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