Clément Borderie et Ghislaine Rios, Les Bosons de l'art, échanges.

Les Bosons de l’art


Written by Ghislaine Rios on the work of Clément Borderie based on conversation with the artist

authors: Ghislaine Rios and Clément Borderie
publisher: Clan Borderie éditions
graphic design: Valérie Gautier

160 pages
22 x 15 cm

March 2020
isbn: 978-2-9571477-0-0
20 €

This edition was made possible thanks to the support of Daniel Lebard, La Fabrique de l’Esprit and Jousse Entreprise.


– In what you just said, I felt like you were talking about my work.
– All my concerns, my thoughts, my questions were here, right in front of me.

Two fields, Art and Science. And here an artist, Clément Borderie, listening to talk about quantum physics, has the impression that it is about his work, and a scientist, Ghislaine Rios, looking at the artist’s production, sees her own questions!
To fathom the magic of the infinitely large and get in the confusing and fascinating world of quantum physics, and from now on, by sweeping the absolute certainties, think differently and take a fresh and new look at reality, at art.
To go deeper in the wonder, to feel emotions that were hitherto unsuspected. This is the purpose of this book, through exchanges in the transversality of knowledge and illustrations, reporting a completely innovative artistic work, as beautiful as it is surprising.


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