l’écorce des choses

In situ 23 March 2024 - 4 May 2024

Galerie Jousse Entreprise is delighted to announce the group exhibition l’écorce des choses* with a selection of works by Nathan Bertet, Simon Martin, Masha Silchenko and Xolo Cuintle.


“Ce sera comme un souvenir
qui s’ouvre       ce sera une main
avec de longue lignes enchevêtrées
la langue de nos destins
impossible à lire ce sera
la sensation du corps
dans les humeurs de la terre 

ce sera comme une soif de clairière
dans le fracas des ombres
l’empreinte d’un avenir
plus haut que la forêt       ce sera
l’épine indécise
entre l’écorce et le noyau 

ce sera un peu de lumière
pour décider du paysage”

Hélène Dorion, Mes forêts, éditions Bruno Doucey, 2023


It will be
The sensation of body against body. A suspended dance.
In the depths of Simon Martin’s forest, walkers are floating, almost unnoticeable in the haze of memories. Their skins brush against each other, electrified, before melting into a nebulous, uncertain embrace. Trees, here violet-green, there ominous blue, lose their roots in the vibrant magma of the undergrowth.
Two daffodils shimmer in the emerald obscurity, lonely Narcissus of the late winter.
At the edge of his painting, two figures brighten in the moonlight, only to fade away in a single pulse.

It will be
(…) the imprint of a future for accomplice species.
Xolo Cuintle’s sculptures recount the origin of joint fates. Interdependent relationships between insects and plants emanate from the ceramic bas-reliefs through the voluptuous curves of the concrete. In an ornamental path arose the symbiose between a butterfly and an oregano flower, host plant becoming a cradle for the larvae. In the Arum’s spathe, midges are held overnight, before being released in the morning to pollinate the nearest inflorescences.
Xolo Cuintle’s resilient Herbarium weaves in the nooks of the floor, through the vein of wood if not in the bark of a column.

To decide on the landscape, Nathan Bertet crisscrosses the roads and paths of a cherished place, one that never seems dull.
Over the seasons and on the rhythm of his memory, his small-format painting impregnates all the elusive variations of his hometown’s scenery. Nathan Bertet portrays the suburbans contours of Palaiseau and its forest – not quite real, not quite dreamt. Layers of oil and finely blended pigments coat the canvases – almost daily – with the successive moods of an undulating nature. 
And while the watercolor on his notebook sheets emerges in a perhaps instantaneous movement, its surface is imbued with the aspirations of water and ink to reveal palpable glimpses of everyday life.

In the soil’s spirits, Masha Silchenko makes flowers and words weep. Spectral, her creatures and objects appear in the bleach of the canvas. As a sunflower seeking light in the darkness, her works depict troubled souls in the innocence of night. The funereal atmosphere of her work contrasts with the lightness of the supports. Suspended by delicately twisted floral wires, the canvas floats, while the ceramic pieces open and freeze. Her spaces unfold like fragments of inhabited daydreams, where the brilliance of the material contributes to the tension, or rather extension.

Soon, it will be.


Sarah Nasla, Camille Vaillier et Mathilde Vie-Binet


Thanks to the artistes and Galerie DS (Paris) and Import Export gallery (Warsaw) for the loan of the works.


Photos: Max Borderie

Vernissage : 23/03/2024 4:00 pm

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