(Romy Texier, 1995 San Francisco, USA ; Valentin Vie-Binet, 1996 Paris, France)


Xolo Cuintle is an artist duo formed in 2020 by Romy Texier and Valentin Vie Binet, who live in Paris and work in Aubervilliers. After graduating from the Ecole Duperré, the duo participated in a residency at the Manufacture des Gobelins (2019-2020, Paris) with the French Mobilier National. Xolo Cuintle produces works that challenge the boundaries between sculpture, furniture and décor. The duo create sculptures in concrete, transforming this solid, inert material into fertile ground for organically inspired ornamentation. Xolo Cuintle builds spaces on the edge of dream and simulacrum.

They presented solo exhibitions at Saint-Anne Gallery (Paris) in 2021, at Galerie Chloé Salagado (Paris) in 2022, and at the ARTORAMA fair in Marseille with DS galerie (Paris) in 2023. In 2024, they participate in group shows at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, at the CAC Bretigny (Hors-les murs), or previously at the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2023, and in several international fairs such as Alcova (Milan), Art Genève (Geneva), Artissima (Turin). In 2023, their work joined the CNAP collection, and in 2021 the Kadist collection.

Artworks Exhibitions



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