Born in 1956 in Leverkusen, Germany
Lives and works in Cologne, Germany


The restless world of Thomas Grünfeld expresses itself through mixed media which include sculpture, collages and installations: the art of Thomas Grünfeld raises mixed feelings in the viewer about what seems familiar and what seems completely artificial and among what appears to be natural and simultaneously extremely unnatural: this induces in the spectator a yes/no reaction when looking at his works. The Eye Paintings, reflective surfaces in resin from which glass eyes crop up, all different one to the others, also play on the same theme as above leaving the spectator with the uncertain feeling that he is being scrutinized by the artwork. The juxtaposition of hybrid elements also nurtures his famous series of Misfit, an assembly of different species of taxidermied animals assembled together according to criteria such as proportion and likelihood, where the main nonconforming element is the natural pose of an unnatural creature.

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