Born in Nice in 1962.

Lives and works in Paris

Cat Loray graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Marseille in 1981 and from the Arts décoratifs de Nice in 1986. Her work has been exhibited in New York at the Alberto Aquilino Gallery, in Brussels at the Valérie Bach Gallery, in Shanghai at the Dumonteil Gallery, and in Tripple parade at the How Design Museum in Shanghai. She has participated in many international fairs, and had solo show at “Virga” at the Fernand Léger Gallery in 2021, and at the Frances Foundation in 2022.

In 2021 she created a monumental ceramic sculpture for an office building in Maison Alfort for Red Tree Capital-AMO. Cat Loray is currently working on a commission for a monumental ceramic work for the Saint-Gobain headquarters in Courbevoie.

“Cat Loray’s work, born from the observation of the world around her, develops around the notions of gesture, energy and tension. Of great coherence, it is based on a free and global approach to creation, where the notion of frontier, of hierarchy between the different arts does not exist. Monumental, her drawings, which represent the starting point of her work, have dimensions on the scale of the human body. Measuring 150 x 150cm, with mysterious shapes that stand out against the background of the white sheet, they are the result of a gestural work where the artist’s energy is expressed in its raw state. Cat Loray, who uses dry pastel and black stone, imperturbably covers the immaculate surface of the paper with small successive loops, nervously applied strokes or long interlaces with vertiginous windings.”

Text written by Domitille D’Orgeval, for Cat Loray’s “Virga”exhibition at galerie Fernand Léger




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