Louidgi Beltrame, El remedio cocinandose

Louidgi Beltrame, El remedio cocinandose

El remedio cocinandose 1 & 2



diptych, two black and white photographs, analogical prints on baryta paper mounted on aluminium and wood

45 x 55 cm for each print


While shooting the movie Mesa curandera in 2017, Louidgi Beltrame travels to Huancabamba in Northern Peru with curandero José Levis Picón whom wishes to give him a « full knowledge » of his practice. They bath in sacred lakes and take part to a Mesa driven by another healer. Those regular trips to Huancabamba are allowing José Levis Picón to get cleansed and reloaded. With an analogical middle format camera, Beltrame took pictures of the mighty lagunas and mountains as well as the healer’s garden where medicinal plants and active objects intermingle. This photographic material is completed with images taken in Chincha at José Levis’ ceremonial space, including the preparation of the San Pedro cactus and the arrangement of the Mesa objects.

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