TIM EITEL | tim eitel_untitled (2001~2020)

Hors les murs 7 July 2020 - 18 October 2020

Address : Daegu Art Museum | 40 Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu 42250, South Korea

When we look at the paintings in this exhibition at the Daegu Art Museum, we find that Tim Eitel’s works of the past two decades have a common major motif: their stories play out in easily neglected spaces, in the daily life of the humans that exist there. In this his painting style has been consistent despite the changes depending on the tempo-spatial conditions of his works. Eitel maintains the point of view as one of the most important aspects in his art, and to express his highly personal viewpoint he uses multi-dimensional means of expression, rendering the inner world of the humans he depicts with a technique based on traditional skills, perspectival constructions, and analytical compositions. Thus Eitel’s work poses a question on the possibilities of contemporary art today, using visual techniques as a leverage to approach technologies and media through the genre of painting. He discovers the hidden yet peculiar aspects that exist in daily life, newly configures them—as if time had been stopped—andputs them onto canvas. The audience looking at these elements will bring in various interpretations, and we all come to a point where we empathize with them. This is what empathy means—a shared feeling despite various interpretations. Daegu Art Museum seeks opportunities to reflect on the people of the modern world and on painterly meanings in contemporary art by delving into the social circumstances and psychological themes that Tim Eitel’s works explore.

Press release (PDF)

Curator : Yu, Myung-jin

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