Born in 1999 in Paris, France.
Lives and works between France and Japan.

Leïla White-Vilmouth is currently post-graduate programme at the Beaux-Arts de Paris, in the studio of Ann Veronica Janssens and Hicham Berrada.
In 2019, she participated in her first group exhibition Espace de Réflexion in Tokyo at the Spiral Wacoal Art Center. A year later, for the group show La Totale, she created the immersive installation We will meet again with Mao Tao at the Galleria Continua (Boissy-le-Châtel).

In 2020, in resonance with the context of the health crisis, Leïla White-Vilmouth invested the reception hall of the Grande Halle of the Villette, deserted for a year by its spectators, for the festival 100% l’EXPO sortie d’école, with an in situ installation, A bar for those who are left. She plunged the public into a sound and meditative atmosphere through a set of bistro tables that seemed abandoned, while exotic plants took over the stage. On the floor, raw and fragrant earth covered the space. It is with this theatrical setting that Leila White-Vilmouth translated her vision of a world in waiting, where everything seems to be extinguished, where only nature takes its breath.

In 2021 she composed for her DNAP a journey through reflected emotional and trance-led space-times. The ground as an experience was covered with a relief that was increased by lines in echo, a portal to communicate with the invisible entities that surround us and wander within us: a series of drawings, trance floors, on which she transmitted the vibratory frequencies that cross her in a particular space between interstices, islands and cities.

Since April 2022, at the University of Art Musashino in Tokyo as part of an exchange programme, Leïla continues her exploration of altered states of consciousness through the cognitive states initiated in 2016 by ethnomusicologist Corine Sombrun, in instances of awakening and sleep, by simmering information perceived from day into night, and night into day: to let other connections be established and built into dream potentialities.

Upon waking, the dreams are carriers of phantasmagorical information, through the relation to the luminous fluids of the invisible world, which serves as tracks to explore other dimensionalities of existence.
Leïla elaborates immersive environmental compositions, at the edge of dream and reality to explore transcendental, sensory and sensitive worlds that we inhabit, in the imagination of the head as a jar of extra chemical and ultra chimerical experiences.

In 2022 with trancers and multidimensional artist friends, Leïla launched together the Movement of wai, an experiential and mutant space of times in all rhythmicities, exploring the spectrums of sound, film- image, performance, show, orchestra, opera, by confusing the sensitivities of each individual to feel and think together in co-existence, using other ways of intuitive expression and synaesthetic exchanges and senses, somewhere between earthly species and the universe.

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