Jean Royère


Jean Royère’s work is a reflection of himself, that ofa dreamer. Without any formal training, he became a decorator because adventure was his prime motivation. He wanted his fantasies to be without rules or regulations. He ignited a passion. The bad student was transformed into a determined worker who tried to challenge the conventional boundaries.

However did not content himself  by simply takings conceptions abroad:  he brought in new techniques – most of the them unknown in France – and learned how to assimilate and expand his knowledge through these new and numerous experiences. There is a style Jean Royère, mainly marked by the way he used diverse materials, meanwhile respecting his clientspersonality: wood, bamboo, cork, enamelled metal, straw but also briquette and Terry towelling !

Jean Royère did not conceive isolated pieces without a complete encompassing architectural framework, freed of decoration or paintings.  He preferred vibrating coloured upholstery.  The chimney always found its place in the room and lamps with multiple metallic branches were erected as if they were curious flora.

Creator's artwork