Alexandre Noll


Alexandre Noll choose wood as a meanof expression because of its essential virtues: the tree emerging from the earth is its spirit, its sprouting strength, soaring upward to the sky, the air and the light.

Native of Alsace, he was born in Reims where his family was established. He lived there until his military serviceended, which was extended because of the First World War. Very clever with his hands, he created his own makeshift techniques.

In 1921, he was already present at le Salon dAutomne. At first, he crafted small objects, then he quickly created a wooden clog and created models for Perugia. In 1925, René Guilleré, Manager of Primavera (first decorative art workshop in a department store), began placing orders. In 1937, he participated at l’Exposition Internationale and showed his creations “à la crémaillère”, a contemporary art test bench.

In 1939, he became a member of Le Salon des Artistes Décorateurs. Alexandre Noll embarked on a path that lead him from craft, to objects and constructed furniture, then onto sculptural forms.

In 1947, he showed one of his first sculptures at the Pyramide: “Le Grand Totem”. His work is oriented toward three axes: the object, furniture and sculpture.

Creator's artwork