SEULGI LEE | Frequencies of Tradition

Hors les murs 1 avril 2022 - 16 juillet 2022

Adresse : KADIST, San Fransisco, 3295 20th Street, California, 94110

 » With Chung Seoyoung, Yoeri Guépin, Ho Tzu Nyen, Chia Wei Hsu, siren eun young jung, Tomoko Kikuchi, Seulgi Lee, Lieko Shiga, Young Min Moon, Hwayeon Nam, Gala Porras-Kim, and Ming Wong, and a screening program featuring Fiona Tan, Jane Jin Kaisen, Wang Tuo, siren eun young jung, and Ko Sakai & Ryusuke Hamaguchi

Frequencies of Tradition centers on tradition as a space of contestation. Tradition is a significant part of daily lives in Asia, connecting generations and reverberating as a living archive of cultures across time. Tradition also retains and upholds patriarchy, authoritarianism, and obsolete customs. Through collective memories, spirituality, archival imagination, technological engagements, and alternative modes of empowerment, the works in the exhibition–predominantly video installations and photography–upend conventional notions of tradition and examine how regional modernization entangles with the emergence of tradition and where the violence of social conventions, nationalism, and the impact of such histories on the everyday manifest. Together, the works allow for a critical reflection on modernization in East Asia and where an expansion of our understanding of the regional modern takes place.

Frequencies of Tradition at KADIST San Francisco is adapted from its large-scale iterations at the Guangdong Times Museum, Guangzhou, China (2019-2020) and Incheon Art Platform (2021-2022) and is the culmination of an eponymous series of exhibitions and programs initiated by KADIST in 2018 and curated by Hyunjin Kim, KADIST’s former Lead Regional Curator for Asia (2017-2020).

Comprising seminars, commissions of new works, and exhibitions across Asia, Frequencies of Tradition is a three-year series as part of KADIST’s international programs devoted to drawing connections between different localities by addressing shared issues, often of global relevance, in close collaboration with partner institutions, researchers, and artists in the region. »


Photo : Vue de l’exposition Frequencies of Tradition, commissariat Hyunjin Kim à KADIST San Francisco, du 2 avril au 16 juillet 2022. Photo : Jeff Warrin.
Seulgi Lee, U : Réparer l’étable après avoir perdu la vache = Trop tard, 2018, soie coréenne, collaboration avec le matelassier coréen Nubi de Tong Yeong, 195 x 155 x 1 cm.

commissaire : Hyunjin Kim

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