Clarisse Hahn_Politiques de la présence_2018

Politiques de la présence

Monograph – Clarisse Hahn

authors: Karima Chérif, Clarisse Hahn, Raouf Kaabi, Noémie Luciani, Florence Maillard, Catherine Millet, Jocelyne Saab, Oktay Sengül and Kathryn Weir.
publisher: Mousse Publishing, Milan (dir. Nicole Brenez)
co-publisher: galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris
graphic design: Mousse

200 pages
24,2 x 15 cm
colours and black & white illustrations
fr/ en

June 2018
isbn: 978-88-6749-323-4
18 €

Monographic study dedicated to director, video artist and photographer Clarisse Hahn. Edited by Nicole Brenez the publication gathers writings encompassing the variety of her work, from contemporary art to cinema, guerilla groups and eroticism; conversations with Clarisse Hahn, artists, and art historians; and a series of reproductions of her artworks, photographs, photograms, and videograms.

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