Rometti Costales_Littles animals, ash trays

Little animals, ash trays

catalogue published following the eponymous exhibition at CA2M Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Madrid, Spain (08.06.2018 – 08.08.2018)

publisher: Juan Canela
texts: Quinn Latimer, Yasmil Raymond, Elfi Turpin, Magalí Arriola, Manuel Cirauqui
interview with the artists: Juan Canela
graphic design: Studio Manuel Raeder

192 pages
23,5 x 18,5 cm
color images
en/ es

November 2018
isbn : 978-3-943514-99-5
25 €


This catalogue presents an overview of the duo’s projects in the last years, unfolding a personal universe bringing forward nature as a space for political expression. It is structured through a conversation between the artists and Juan Canela, including diverse graphic material and several specific extrapolations written by critics and curators.

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