Louidgi Beltrame, Nosotros también somos extraterrestres

Louidgi Beltrame, Nosotros también somos extraterrestres

Nosotros también somos extraterrestres



vidéo HD, stereo sound

38 min


«Whatever the intentions of these forms on the desert, they are morphically related to certain arts we see today.» Robert Morris, Aligned with Nazca, 1975.
This film follows close on the heels of two historic works produced by Robert Morris: Observatory, an earthwork constructed in Holland in 1971, and Aligned with Nazca, a textual piece published in Artforum in October 1975, and illustrated with archival images and photographs taken during his journey, on the trail of the Nazca civilization and its mysterious geoglyphs. Louidgi Beltrame links these two sites by activating the Observatory situated on the polders in the Netherlands, as well as the Nazca lines situated in a large desert plateau in southern Peru.
The film associates and updates heterogeneous spaces and periods—pre-Colombian archaeological territories, theoretical tensions in 1970s’ art, from Minimalism to Land art—while at the same time summoning performance, electronic music and cosmic cycles.