Marissa- 2015 Ange Leccia 01

Marissa- 2015 Ange Leccia 03

Marissa- 2015 Ange Leccia 06






edition of 5 +2



A face, beneath the water, and the image like a wave. In the manner of a blueprint, Ange Leccia films a young woman in the watery element which in itself creates a floating effect. The sense is suspended, the sequence turns in a loop, the motif is that of repetition. The same movements inexorably recur, the same gaze, the same tension. Somewhere between near and far, the heroine—about whom the viewer knows nothing—stands out against an unreal backdrop. She is an abstract body who, in the folds of a virtual sea, draws the at once seductive and literal figure of what the signs are still trying to become : an apparition.

Fabien Danesi
Traduction : Simon Pleasance

Artwork's exhibition