ANGE LECCIA | Rouge Odyssée | De Renava Biennal

Hors les murs 27 May 2022 - 6 November 2022

Address : La Chapelle St Roch, le jardin A Ciostra, la Cisterna, l’ancien cinéma de la rue Saint-Dominique, l’impluvium de la Caserne Génoise, la Caserne française, 20169, Bonifacio

With Mélissa Epaminondi, Anish Kappor, Mat Collishaw, Nil Yalter, Isaac Julien, Kara Walker, Nunca, Barry McGee, Sara Sadik, Latifa Echakhch, Rineke Dijkstra, Mao Tao, Ange Leccia

For this first edition, De Renava chose to draw inspiration from the wave motif as a metaphor for the constant movements that redefine identities and collective visions.

The exhibition Rouge Odyssée questions the function of the home as a liminal space in perpetual mutation, seat of all hopes and tensions. From the Mediterranean Sea, where waves of thoughts, goods and people have constantly determined history, the exhibition explores the themes of exile, memory and transmission, inviting the observation of human trajectories.

The title refers to the Homeric epic, in which the first mythical exile of the Mediterranean past, Ulysses, makes a stopover in Bonifacio (Canto X). In this poem, the sea always displays a purple color, never blue. This red is a symbolic vision that depicts the sea not only as a physical landscape source of desire and peril, but also as a metaphysical space where the waves of thought merge and crystallize the mechanisms of identity construction. Adopting this theoretical framework, Rouge Odyssée evokes the experience of home as a place of intersubjective encounters, a territory to be claimed and an identity to be reconstructed in a globalized and post-colonial framework.

From the mythological evocation of the homeland to its urban incarnation, the exhibition presents a mesh of works that offers multiple poetic escapes on the collective heritage and universality of human vulnerability: this shared awareness of facing the same struggles, fragilities and determinisms in a world of hybridization where everything merges to build itself.

The artworks “La mer”, 2016 by Ange Leccia is presented at De Renava International contemporary art Biennal, Bonifacio, Corsica.

Vernissage : 27/05/2022 6:00 pm

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