ANGE LECCIA | Noor Riyadh | La mer

Hors les murs 16 December 2023 - 2 March 2024

Au Festival Noor Riyadh en Arabie saoudite, ANGE LECCIA présente une projection vidéo immersive. La Mer records the tumult of the sea on the Corsican shore. With a constancy echoing the unstoppable flux of the sea itself, Ange Leccia has filmed these waves since 1991. By shifting the perspective of the camera, the water runs vertically, occupying the entirety of the wall and giving the viewer the impression of crossing the sea. The camera transforms the waves into mountains, depth into flatness, figuration into abstraction, and calls into question the notion of the border with the sea, which is constantly being reinvented and becomes almost immaterial.

Resembling the movement of life, the waves evoke the inevitable passing of time. With no beginning nor end, projected outside in a passage way for Noor Riyadh, La Mer submerges the visitor into the relentless, silent movement of the sea, like a pulse, a breath. Situated at the zone of contact between the earth and water, the waves invite the viewers to meditate on natural phenomena and elements, while reflecting on the artistic act as the foam continuously draws ephemeral shapes.

Localisation : JAX District
LA MER, 1991-2023 ©Ange Leccia
Présentée par le RCRC et Riyadh Art


He also presents “Arrangement. Globes terrestres”, 220 luminous terrestrial globes, 0.42m diameter each

Set on the ground, the archetypal figure of the globe is multiplied to create a floor of worlds without borders, which suggest an infinite journey. With this both familiar and mysterious terrestrial horizon, Ange Leccia shifts our gaze towards a new cosmos. The partial view of each globe, lit from the inside, allows for a kaleidoscopic reading in which the fragment is privileged over the whole.

The work is part of the iconic Arrangements series, which marks a distancing from the individual gesture of creation without proposing a mechanical and detached work. Here, the use of electric light produces a visual warmth that moves it away from the coldness of manufactured objects and the tradition of minimal art. At a time of globalization, the repetition of the luminous map of the world could seem to produce an impersonal installation, but instead multiplies the image of the earth and gestures towards a potential multiverse.

Commissioned by RCRC and Riyadh Art

Curator : Jerome Sans

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