Jean Prouvé


“Jean Prouvé’s construction forme display an economy of materials and means. His aesthetic is an aesthetic of resistance, some times even exaggerated. Thus the lines of force, the tension, and the point of equilibrium tend towards a dynamic aesthetic. Opposite from academicism, demonstrated by the refusal to accept “aestheticism”as a factor of beauty, his construction work reflects genuine industrial aesthetic, the result of an ongoing dialectic between the design and the material. Furniture can be used to simulate edifices “a chair is made with four legs and a roff, it suffices to changes their dimensions”, hence the parallel between the “Compass”base and the kickstand at the refreshment bar in Evian.

This symmetry between furniture and buildings is unique and induces a comprehensive approach. Actually, when Jean Prouvé begins to think furniture, he thinks structure and therefore architecture,breaking down the frontier between furniture and building which gives him the opportunity to conceive portable houses, dismountable modules, marking the start of nomadism in architecture.”

Philippe Jousse

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