Jennifer Caubet_Made by Space_2019

Made by space

book published on the occasion of Jennifer Caubet’s solo exhibition Point Oméga at galerie Jousse Entreprise, Paris (09.07.2017 – 10.14.2017)

publisher and graphic design : LeMégot éditions, Paris

28 x 20 cm
riso gold & black

September 2017
20 €

This book recounts a research trip carried out with the support of the CNAP – National Center for Visuals Arts – research assistance


“The desert is not empty. An ecosystem crossed by geological forces and energy flows, a space for projection and the creation of alternative lifestyles, this territory can also be colonized by invasive machines and devices. This is at least the case of the Californian Mojave desert, a place of military bases, nuclear waste storage, gigantic solar power plants and also different counter-cultures.

For a month, Jennifer Caubet explored it to extract lines of spatial deployment, real and mental, then materialized in the form of maps and sculptures that were both concrete and abstract. These are all attempts to control an a priori elusive space, charged with fictional potential, where utopia meets dystopia. Point Oméga is the name of this paradoxical encounter.”

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