Eva Nielsen, Monographie

Eva Nielsen


Monograph – Eva Nielsen

authors: Marianne Derrien, Clément Dirié, Joël Riff
publisher: Manuella Edition
graphic designers:
Thomas Bizzari & Alain Rodriguez

192 pages
24,5 x 19 cm
paperback with silkscreened cover
160 color images

June 2019
isbn: 978-2-490505-06-7
30 €

Monograph supported by ADAGP and CNAP as well as by the galleries Jousse Entreprise, Paris and The Pill, Istanbul


The first book about the painter Eva Nielsen represents a major step in her career. This publication has involved ten years of research and output. Crisscrossing territories lies at the root of her approach to painting. Places being reconstructed and artificial spaces. Eva Nielsen muddles our references by “manufacturing” disturbing images. As a painter who
is constantly questioning the photographic factor in her work, Eva Nielsen incorporates silkscreen printing in her paintings, to bring fragments of reality together, and reconfigure them. Like territories that are disturbed, abandoned and traversed by disasters and natural catastrophes, her paintings are constructed through many different visions of dry desert landscapes, with built-up and urban areas. Wavering between the day-to-day and the imaginary, Eva Nielsen’s paintings start from an examination of urban and architectural realities.

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