Les hommes



Digital Video transferred on 35 mm, Dolby surround sound




“At the furthermost bounds of a frozen sea, a boat approaches a land. Human silhouettes come out of it, they appear strange. From their immutable world, the ice, the stones and the animals of Greenland witness the arrival of scientists who come a summer to study them.” This film proposes an experience to the viewer : to lie inside the lookout of a wild island so as to observe the presence of human beings. To adopt another vision of the world that allows a trip in the heart of things, an eyes-open dream in which Nature observes.

Although the musk oxes, the polar bear, the arctic Sterns… but also the rocks, the Toundra, the ice-shelf and the wind are with us. They frame the lookout and one can feel their breathing. Like on another planet, but still on Earth, one shall witness, worried or curious, the arrival of humans, seeing them, even if they are one’s fellow, as creatures never seen before.

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