JENNIFER CAUBET | Lauréate du prix Art [ ] Collector

Hors les murs 9 February 2024 - 9 February 2025

We are pleased to announce that the artist Jennifer Caubet is the laureate of the 19th edition of Art [ ] Collector-Entreprise Cornu1887 elected by the 2023 selection committee.

The artist will have a solo exhibition in 2024. The Cornu company, a partner of the prize, will be responsible for producing the exhibition catalog.

Her artistic practices combine sculpture, drawing, weaving and installations, making her an architect of spaces and territories. She surveys, invests in and apprehends territories, reproducing them in her own way, through photography, scanning, silkscreening and drawing, to give them meaning and value beyond the landscape or place. She also maps them beyond the real, poetically and even abstractly. She writes scores that her sculptures play out in the spaces she occupies.


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