Hors les murs 5 March 2022 - 30 April 2022

Address : Le Grand Café, Centre d'art contemporain d'intérêt national, 2 place des Quatre Z’Horloges 44600 Saint-Nazaire, France

L’heure bleue (The Blue Hour)

Dove Allouche | Hicham Berrada | Maguerite Bornhauser | Léa Dumayet | Anne-Charlotte Finel | Agata Ingarden | Célia Nkala | Anne Laure Sacriste | Jessica Warboys | Sophie Whettnall

” When the sun goes behind the horizon, our relationship to the world changes.

It is neither day nor night, and time seems suspended. In this in-between time, indeterminacy reigns over our perceptions. The adage reminds us that we can no longer distinguish between a wolf and a dog. This is the moment of the blue hour, when our relationship to the objects and forms that surround us becomes subjective, troubled and transitory.

The exhibition proposed by Le Grand Café for the months of March and April 2022 will be permeated by this sensation of uncertainty, which pushes us to intimate contemplation. It will propose a journey through different artists’ practices, each of which in their own way plunges us into renewed perceptions of Nature. The works in L’Heure bleue form a constellation of fleeting and enigmatic presences that attempt to reinvest a contemporary imagination of Nature.

L’Heure bleue, that is to say, this passage from reality to fiction. Because when you can’t really see, it’s often time to tell yourself stories.”


Exhibitions views L’Heure bleue au Grand Café – centre d’art contemporain, Saint-Nazaire, 2022 © ADAGP, Paris, 2022.
Photography Marc Domage

Vernissage : 04/03/2022 6:30 pm

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