ANNE-CHARLOTTE FINEL |  Dans l’œil du crocodile

Hors les murs 13 December 2023 - 23 March 2024

Address : Le Bel Ordinaire, Les Abattoirs, Allée Montesquieu, 64140 Billère

With this exhibition, Anne-Charlotte Finel continues her work on animality, drawing on her unique technique of creating images through the use of detail and saturated grain. The main gallery will host installations created in situ to showcase her latest video productions. Several aspects of the animal kingdom will be represented: alligators, elephants, silkworms, spiders…

They will inhabit the space just as much as Voiski’s sound creation will. Endlessly repeated rhythmic loops will echo the artist’s videos. At the same time, a new family of silkscreen prints will be on show: hybrid images combining plant and reptilian motifs. Playing with superimposed wefts and motifs, these turbulent, vibrant images underline the pictorial quality of the artist’s work. As a whole, they will certainly encourage us to look beyond our initial fascination and envelopment, and question our relationship with other forms of life.


Vernissage : 13/12/2023 4:00 pm

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