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Michel Boyer

Michel Boyer

Rue Louise Weiss - 75013 Paris

04.04.2003 - 12.05.2003

Michel Boyer

Exhibition of Michel Boyer's creations

In the tradition of honoring those designers who have marked the history of French furniture, the galleries de Casson and Jousse Entreprise have joined together to welcome the work of Michel Boyer.

Michel Boyer, Interior architect and designer, was entrusted in the end of the 1960s with the realization of numerous prestigious projects,both private and corporate. Then, with the success of his interior installation of the Rothschild bank, one of his most prestigious projects, Boyer was provided carte blanche by his clients to work as he wished in creating harmonious suites of furniture, lighting and other decorative objects. Concerned in having a first rate production, Boyer went on to distribute and present his furniture design at his own enterprise, the Rouve Gallery.

Boyer’s realizations for Lanvin, Dior, l'Oreal and more recently for companies as Alstom and Vivendi Environnement attest to the diversity and the richness of his work. Abroad Boyer was our ambassador in
furnishing France’s diplomatic officesin Washington and Brazil.

This exhibition focuses on Boyer’s creations from the 1970's.

In this period, Boyer exploited the potential of new materials like molded fiberglass and laminate to create interesting shapes for chairs and coffee tables. He also mastered the use of steel when he folded and bent steel to create his famous ‘x’ stool and curved tubes to enlace the round leather cushions of a chauffeuse. Boyer also used steel to frame the impressing desk of Alain and Elie de Rothschild and employed pear wood and ramin as well to provide a powerful and elegant contrast.

The collection is completed by lighting such as the Brasilia lamp forthe French Embassy in Brazil and the "écran" lamp for which he won the Golden Lamp Prize in 1979. Decorative objects such as steel andirons with candle sticks that can be manipulated in different directions and desk supplies are also included.The furniture in this exhibition reflects perfectly the decorative tendencies of a very fecund period and shows its modernity.
To comprehend the complete works of Michel Boyer and to provide the background for the designer’s present creativity the de Casson gallery will exhibit individual furniture pieces while interior installations will be shown at the Jousse Entreprise Gallery.

This double exhibition will be presented in the midst of a collective manifestation of the galleries rue Louise Weiss.

Guillaume de Casson, Matthias Jousse, mars 2003

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June 1, 2003