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Serge Mouille

Serge Mouille

Born in Paris in 1922, Serge Mouille received a silversmith’s formation at l’Ecole des Arts Appliqués under the direction of Gabriel Lacroix.   In the forties, he started his own workshop and worked for diverse edition firmshere and abroad. At the same time he became a professor at l’Ecole des Arts Appliqués. 

In 1953, he undertook the artisanal fabrication of Lamps, at the request of La Compagnie des Arts Français, directed by Jacques Adnet.   Steph Simon gallery will marketed his creations.   For a decade, he shaped lamps whose lines’ purity came from a mastered technique of perfection without concession.   All the lamps were executed upon his orders. He was given a floor plan of installation and was to provide light to the space.  His inspiration was a result of his meticulous observation of the human body.  However it is eroticism that leads his imagination: « Lamps, are like butts and boobies, you have to touch them! ». 

Even if he was thought of as a marginal artist, Mouille’s success was considerable.  


In Patrick Favardin, Le style 50, un moment de l’art français, Sous le Vent - Vilo, Paris, 1987

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